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  • Word Press unable to upload video’s greater than 50MB
  • Demio does not have expiration dates – Expiration dates required in WP.

What I don’t know, I don’t know until I know!


Automated Events 

  • To upload pre-recorded events in Demio.    This maybe time consuming based on size of video. OBL CBC Q2 link downloaded in 15 minutes and Your video is processing. Registration will be disabled until the video has finished processing (started processing at 1205pm and completed at 1:45pm .
  • Download of video from OBL CBC Q2 does not work?    Karen to figure out how share replay as mentioned above in test video clip.  May need to click on-demand (see below and Link 2 second attempt same message)  Link 2
  • Optimization download to reduce size (Handbrake application – sent MG email 10/20)

Automated Events – On Demand


  • Allows participants to register one time if more than 1 recording or # of days

Go To Webinar

Q3 Regulatory Update click link to register, then opens up video from Go To Webinar

CBC KS April 7, 2020 Link (able to view recording) from Go To Webinar

Karen to download recordings for CBC (i.e. 5 quarters) unsure if GTW links will work once cancelled?

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