Credit Policy Review

Are you comfortable with the adequacy and effectiveness of your bank’s credit policy?

Credit policies may be the most important tool for the board of directors and bank management to define an institution’s underwriting standards and credit risk appetite. Underwriting standards are receiving increased scrutiny and the adequacy of bank credit policies is an important regulatory consideration.

Even so, many credit policies at community banks have been in place for a long time, with only small or ad hoc updates put in place as needed.

Young & Associates, Inc. offers a Credit Policy Review service that will:

  • Evaluate the adequacy of your bank’s credit policy and make recommendations for enhancements
  • Assess the content of your credit policy against regulatory expectations
  • Compare the bank’s specific risk limits to what is common across the industry
  • Determine where your bank’s risk appetite stands relative to your peers
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your policy’s layout, language, and internal consistency

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