Executive Search

Experiencing difficulty finding the right candidate to meet your staffing needs?

If your bank is finding it hard to identify and screen candidates to meet your staffing needs, consider Young & Associates, Inc.

Specialists in the Banking Industry: Unlike many traditional search firms that do not specialize in staffing banking positions, Young & Associates, Inc. is very knowledgeable about the skills necessary to be successful in your banking environment.

Search Goal/Objective: Our objective throughout the search will be to provide you with 2-3 highly-skilled, thoroughly-screened, motivated candidates to fill your opening(s).

Multiple Options: Our executive search service provides a number of options, from resume generation to full placement, depending upon your needs.

Thorough and Effective: We will help you ensure the “right” candidate is sourced and referred to you by carefully and thoroughly prescreening, checking employment/work history, and obtaining references.

Extensive Database: Through our long history working with banks, we have developed an extensive network of contacts and resumes of individuals interested in furthering their career(s).

Timeline: Once we begin the search and receive your commitment to staff your opening, we will work quickly and efficiently to staff your needs. Most searches can be completed in thirty to ninety days.