Organizational Culture

A financial institution’s culture determines success more than any strategy, vision, or process. If institutions do not drive their cultures, they develop by default. Young & Associates, Inc. can help create, grow, and reinforce organizations’ cultures, going beyond statements of mission, values, and principles. We help you tap into the latest psychology and emotions propelling groups’ identities and growth.

This assistance includes:

  • Organizational culture strategies
  • Leadership and management practices supporting culture
  • Assessments of:
    • Current culture
    • Future culture (desired culture)
    • Feasibility of achieving future culture
    • Managerial commitment and discipline
  • Alignment of communications with culture:
    • Key words and themes
    • Talking tips on how to manage to new culture
    • Performance tools and metrics
  • Realistic timetables for changing culture
  • Leadership and management training to fit culture