Sales & Cross Selling

In the end, it is about doing more business. How are your organization and your employees transitioning from a transactional to a sales culture? It is not just about sales –it is about cross selling and a more proactive servicing of clients. Young & Associates, Inc. can help drive sales culture forward without adopting the high pressure of big corporate financial institutions.

Our Sales and Cross Selling Services include:

  • Staffing studies and models that look at transactions and sales activity
  • Sales and cross-selling training:
    • Direct training for employees
    • Sales management training for managers, executives, and other leaders
  • Assessments of sales and cross-selling:
    • Incentive programs
    • Goals and objectives
    • Responsibilities to ensure team selling approach
  • Support materials such as:
    • Communication tools
    • Sales manuals
    • Incentive program documents
  • Comprehensive support for any sales and cross-selling culture