How does your institution’s employee pay compare to its competitors and its peers? The employment market is more transparent. There is more information. Executives and employees alike tap this. Young & Associates, Inc. can study your pay strategies and do comparisons. For executives, especially Presidents, we can do this for similar financial performances.

Young & Associates, Inc.’s Pay Studies include:

  • Executive and Board Pay
    • Examine or create compensation policies regarding pay
    • Determine appropriateness of compensation relative to performance and the marketplace
    • Analyze third-party studies or perform independent study (using SEC filings)
    • Design and implement compensation programs (e.g., long-term incentives, change in control agreements)
    • Research the types and levels of fringe benefits
    • Determine the weighting of compensation elements (i.e., fringe benefits versus other compensation)
  • Employee Pay
    • Look at third-party studies or perform independent study
    • Evaluate jobs straddling two or more different job functions
    • Recommend factors that should affect compensation
    • Research the competitiveness of employee-wide benefit plans

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