Performance-Based Compensation

Compensation is often tied to performance. Will it encourage that performance though? Is it right? Is it enough? What is the company’s risk if it does not realize that performance? All of these questions are in play in a performance-based compensation plan. Young & Associates, Inc. helps financial institutions answer these questions.

Our Performance-Based Compensation services:

  • Identify participants:
    • Employees o Managers
    • Executives
    • Board Members
  • Specify:
    • Goals
    • Time horizons
  • Develop benchmarks for:
    • Historical performance
    • Jobs within the same job grade
    • Jobs having similar financial responsibilities
    • Past practices and precedence
  • Determine types of awards:
    • Bonuses
    • Incentives (short-term and long-term)
    • Stock grants and options
    • Perks and fringe benefits
  • Quantify awards:
    • Market research
    • Public versus private
    • Overall package
    • Company risk
  • Program Implementation:
    • Employee communication
    • Document preparation
    • Reporting system
  • Welfare and fringe benefits

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