Credit Union Webinar: 1071 – A Guide for Decisions You Have to Make

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This on-demand webinar focuses on preparation and the decisions that will be required to comply – and for many – it may be a difficult transition. This webinar is designed to give you a “road map” to the required management decisions.





Credit Unions: Prepare for 1071 Compliance with Our Expert Webinar

Prepare your credit union for the upcoming Regulation B: Subpart B (1071 Rule) with our comprehensive webinar, “1071: A Guide for Decisions YOU Have to Make.” This critical regulation will soon impact your commercial loan application, underwriting, approval processes, and loan files. This recording will help you understand the necessary management decisions to ensure compliance and navigate this challenging transition smoothly.

Key Insights for Compliance with the 1071 Rule for CUs

Gain insights into these key learning objectives:

  • Understand the Impact of Regulation B: Subpart B (1071 Rule): Learn how the new regulation will affect various aspects of your commercial loan process.
  • Identify Key Management Decisions: Discover critical decisions needed for compliance and develop a roadmap for implementing necessary changes.
  • Prepare for the Transition: Gain insights into the challenges and complexities of transitioning to comply with the 1071 rule.
  • Secure and Manage Sensitive Information: Learn best practices for storing and safeguarding sensitive applicant information.
  • Comply with Post-Transaction Reporting Requirements: Understand the information required by the government after loan transactions.
  • Develop Strategies for Effective Compliance: Formulate strategies to ensure your institution’s commercial loan process remains compliant.
  • Enhance Decision-Making Skills: Equip your management team with the knowledge to navigate regulatory changes confidently.

Meet the Presenter: Bill Elliott, CRCM, Director of Compliance Education

Bill Elliott, a seasoned compliance expert with over 45 years of experience in banking, will lead the webinar. As the Director of Compliance Education at Young & Associates, Bill has a wealth of knowledge in regulatory compliance and has helped numerous banks navigate complex regulations. His extensive background includes roles as a compliance officer, CRA officer, and senior consultant, making him uniquely qualified to provide this essential training..

Webinar Details

This webinar is ideal for all credit union professionals responsible for regulatory compliance, including:

  • Senior management
  • Commercial loan managers and lenders
  • Commercial loan operations personnel
  • Compliance officers
  • Any other parties involved in the 1071 process

Participants will gain access to:

  • A virtual webinar session including an in-depth discussion on Regulation B: Subpart B (1071 Rule)
  • Detailed roadmap for required management decisions
  • Best practices for securing sensitive information
  • Strategies for effective compliance and decision-making
  • Access to expert insights from Bill Elliott
  • Valuable resources including the presentation and a 1071 compliance manual
  • A certificate of completion

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