Fair Lending Management System Toolkit

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Packed full of practical and easy-to-use tools, the Fair Lending Management System Toolkit provides everything you need to ensure your bank understands and complies with the Fair Lending laws and regulations.

  • Management System Guide and Appendix: Covers types of lending discrimination, review scope guidelines, compliance management review, fair lending sample size tables, and more. Includes a complete Appendix for implementation of your Fair Lending Management System.
  • Three (3) Management Review Models: Excellent tools to ensure your bank’s compliance with the Fair Lending regulations.
    • 1. Compliance Management Analysis Model
    • 2. Audit Function and Self-Test/Self-Evaluation
    • 3. Streamlined Fair Lending Review Model. Automatically generates your Compliance Review Report.
  • Matched Pair Review Model: Perform comparative file analysis to determine discriminatory patterns.
  • Three (3) Potential Disparate Treatment Models: Indicate potential disparate treatment in your bank’s policy exceptions, pricing, and denials.
    • 1. Pricing Exceptions Model
    • 2. Pricing Review Model
    • 3. Denial Review Model
  • Pricing and Matched Pair/Denial Review Report Templates: Excellent tool for your bank’s fair lending reporting.
  • Power Point Training: Ensure the necessary Fair Lending training for your staff. Can be customized for your bank.

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