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  • Streamline your liquidity planning and stress testing process.
  • Understand the impact of various business strategies and the potential stress on primary and contingent liquidity, as well as the capital adequacy.
  • Generate valuable support information for your decision-making. (What happens if? What is the “margin of error”? Action plan for the worst case?)
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Pay no annual fees.

Includes the following 3 key components:

Liquidity Cash Flow Planning and Stress Testing Model
Dynamic Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tool designed to assist in performing quantitative liquidity assessments as required by the Interagency Guidance on Funding and Liquidity Management. Includes a base-case scenario and four stress scenarios covering a 12-month horizon. Allows for easy what-if modifications to the base-case assumptions to monitor the impact on primary and contingent liquidity.

Over the years, our methodology passed through a number of regulatory exams at our client banks.

Use the model to:

  • Forecast monthly funding needs, funding sources, and cash flow gaps over time
  • Estimate wholesale funding capacity considering the available collateral and internal policy limits
  • Monitor primary and contingent liquidity sources over time
  • Perform liquidity stress testing using a combination of stress constraints
  • Evaluate the impact of both short-term and prolonged stress events
  • Calculate liquidity coverage ratios over time
  • Analyze changes in the funding concentrations and other key balance sheet ratios
  • Assess the plan’s compliance with policy limits/presence of certain early warning indicators
  • Create reports

The key questions that can be answered through the cash flow analysis are:

  • Are the bank’s primary and contingent liquidity reserves adequate?
  • Are the projected ratios and the risk levels within the policy limits?
  • To what degree is the bank reliant on volatile or credit-sensitive funding sources?


Liquidity Contingency Funding Plan

Provides a customizable written contingency funding plan as required by the Interagency Guidance on Funding and Liquidity Risk Management (Microsoft® Word format). Delineates strategies and action to address potential liquidity shortfalls in emergency situations. Includes identification of stress events, stress levels, early warning indicators, parameters for liquidity stress testing, sources of funds and funding strategies, lines of responsibility and communication, as well as a detailed crisis action plan.


Liquidity Management Policy

Customizable policy document designed to ensure that the bank is managed to provide an adequate level of liquidity to meet both planned and unexpected cash needs while maintaining profitability, safety, and soundness of its operations (Microsoft® Word format).

System Requirements: Microsoft Word 2007 and Excel 2007 or higher

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