Full Commercial Credit Underwriting Services

Minimize risk by outsourcing your commercial credit underwriting

As a financial institution, you help business owners take their companies to the next level. Yet you need to wisely offer loans in order for your brand to grow. Our team of underwriters will help you minimize risk in an ever-changing industry through our full commercial credit underwriting services. We’ll spread and analyze financial statements, cash flow, and other aspects to ensure that your institution has an adequate understanding of the financial position. Our financials, which are completed in our advanced software, are what we feel is best practice for underwriting packages. However, we are more than happy to use your institutions templates to maintain consistency in your credit files.

The Y&A Credit Services Team takes an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of your borrower’s financial position in accordance with their potential loan. To improve credit risk management, we’ll provide a detailed analysis of your borrower’s financials so you can make the right decision. Our team will help your financial institution identify risks and make better-informed decisions while providing a cost-effective underwriting process.

Commercial Credit Underwriting

Grow your financial institution by outsourcing your underwriting to Y&A Credit Services

5 Cs of Commercial Credit

Commercial Credit Underwriting Process

Throughout the underwriting process, our experienced team will detail the borrower’s “Five Cs of Credit” to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Character – If you’ve worked with this client before, we’ll look at their history with you. If not, we’ll look at their credit history to see how they’ve handled loans in the past.

  2. Conditions – Every industry is different, so our team takes a look at what’s happening in the realm of the borrower and whether or not their plans would be a wise investment.

  3. Capital – When looking at balance sheets, our team will assess cash reserves and liquidity to ensure the borrower’s assets are greater than what they will owe.

  4. Capacity – When offering a loan, you’ll want to ensure the borrower will be able to make their payments. Our team will look into their sources of repayment.

  5. Collateral – In the event that a borrower has to default on a loan, we’ll assess potential collateral.

Our team provides extensive commercial underwriting and credit services for financial institutions across the country.
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