Bank Webinar: Mistakes to Avoid on Loan Estimates

Your bank is doing a loan outside your market area. Your processor completes the loan estimate using the local filing fees. What is the bank’s risk in this transaction?

This webinar addresses this issue and other unusual situations that can create issues for your bank. Almost every time your staff makes an entry on the loan estimate, you run the risk of having to make restitution due to a mistake. This webinar will address the issues that your processors face every day as they try to meet the needs of your applicant while protecting the bank from the possibility of reimbursement.

Bill Elliott
Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott, CRCM, Director of Compliance Education

Bill Elliott is a senior consultant and director of compliance education at Young & Associates. With more than 40 years of banking experience, Bill works on a variety of compliance-related issues.   

During his career, Bill served as a compliance officer, a CRA officer and as a lender for consumer, commercial and mortgage loans. He has managed a variety of bank departments, including loan review, consumer/commercial loan processing, mortgage loan processing, loan administration, credit administration, collections and commercial loan workout. 

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Mistakes to Avoid on Loan Estimates

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When: June 26, 2023, 1:00-2:00 p.m., EST
Who is it for: This webinar is designed for bank lenders, processors, management, auditors, and others who deal with loan estimates on a regular basis.
Price: $249 per webinar hook-up

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Profit Planning

Estimate Loans with Accuracy

Loan estimation can be a complex and challenging process that requires careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of regulations. This webinar will walk lenders through mistakes – both common and uncommon – to ensure accuracy and confidence when estimating loans.

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