Lending & Loan Review Services

Lending & Loan Review Services
Lending & Loan Review Services

Lending & Loan Review Services

The quality of your loan portfolio and the effectiveness of your lending function are essential for maintaining profitability and preserving your standing with regulators.

We offer a variety of lending and loan review services designed to help your financial institution increase profitability, minimize and manage risk, meet regulatory safety and soundness requirements, and improve the overall efficiency of your lending function. We work with lenders of all sizes, from community banks and credit unions to multi-billion-dollar financial institutions.

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We perform multiple types of loan reviews that can be tailored to your needs and desired scope.


An annual stress test of your loan portfolios can help you effectively identify and control your risk in an adverse stress environment or economic downturn.


Our lending consultants conduct due diligence reviews of individual loans and loan portfolios considered for purchase by your institution.


Maximize the efficiency of your lending department while controlling costs.


At Young & Associates, we offer outsourced loan and escrow servicing for financial institutions that do not have the time or resources to perform this function in-house.


Our loan workout services are intended to maximize your returns and minimize your losses.


Establishing a reserve for potential credit losses within your loan and lease portfolio is a requirement for banks and credit unions.

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