For three decades, bankers from across the country have turned to Young & Associates, Inc. for assistance with expansion of their branch networks. We can help with all aspects of the expansion process, including:

Market and financial information for expansion decisions.
Branch feasibility analysis with five-year projections
Branch acquisitions
Regulatory applications
Marketing plans and promotional events

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Market Evaluation
Intense competition is a reality in today’s banking marketplace. However, Young & Associates, Inc. has helped many banks open successful branches in less than ideal market environments. Our comprehensive market evaluation digs deep into potential expansion markets to detect patterns and evaluate risks and opportunities that may not be obvious on the surface.
Branch Feasibility Analysis
A new brick-and-mortar office doesn’t come cheap, but it is often a worthwhile investment in the bank’s long-term profitability, and the impact of the additional earnings on shareholder value is significant. Our studies evaluate market potential to support a new branch, estimate future growth potential of the proposed branch, and prioritize the available alternatives based on their likely profit contribution.
Branch Acquisition Services
Branch purchases provide immediate access to a new customer base and often have a positive impact on the bank’s bottom line and the equity leverage within a short period of time. We can help you evaluate acquisition opportunities; assist in structuring the transactions, negotiations, and due diligence; and assure a smooth completion of deals.
Branch Opening Services

Young & Associates, Inc. can help you with all aspects of the branching process, including obtaining regulatory approvals, developing a marketing plan and promoting the new branch, staffing, direct training and coaching, and establishing your new branch IT structure.
New Branch Promotions
Young & Associates can develop a special promotion for your new branch. We can create advertising, point of sale material, direct mail, product specials, press releases, and a grand opening celebration event that will help your new branch build a customer base as rapidly as possible.

For more information on our Expansion Services, give us a call at 1.800.525.9775 or click here to send an E-mail.