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Pandemic Update (12/27/21)

(This document will be updated only when new information becomes available.)


Documenting Pandemic Responses for CRA Credit

Strategic Planning During Uncertain Times

Interagency Statement on Appraisals and Evaluations for Real Estate Related Financial Transactions Affected by the Coronavirus

Loan Modifications: A Proactive Approach for Working with Borrowers Impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19), Guided by Recently Issued Interagency Statement

Dealing with Pandemic Disruptions


Given the current, evolving situation regarding COVID-19, Young & Associates, Inc. would like to provide you with information on the products that might assist you during this challenging time.

Pandemic Policy and Plan – May be used as a stand-alone policy or incorporated into your business continuity policy. Contains guidance from the Interagency Statement on Pandemic Planning and a sample pandemic plan.

Remote Deposit Capture Toolkit – Remote Deposit Capture is an alternative for your commercial customers looking for ways to reduce the number of visits to your lobby. This toolkit includes a RDC risk assessment that covers strategic, operational, reputational, compliance and legal risk and checklists for new RDC customers and ongoing monitoring.

Vendor Risk Management Workbook – Perform and document scheduled reviews of your critical vendors to monitor their financial condition, contract/vendor background, controls, performance, and business continuity

COVID-19 will impact your balance sheets. Our Liquidity Tools and our Capital Planning System are designed to allow you to stress test your balance sheet in different scenarios and economic environments.

Liquidity Tools

Capital Planning System

Cybersecurity Products

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