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HMDA Survival Toolkit (#294)
Ensure that your bank’s HMDA data is accurate prior to submission and that bank policies and procedures comply with the January 2018 requirements.


  • 2018 HMDA Survival Guide: A consolidation of the 2015 Final Rule, 2017 amendments, and the Official Commentary
  • Customizable HMDA Policy: Updated to incorporate the new requirements effective January 1, 2018 – customize to fit your bank’s policy
  • HMDA PowerPoint Presentation: Designed to train staff on the new HMDA requirements – customize to fit your bank’s HMDA process
  • Data Integrity: Includes the banking agencies’ transaction testing guidelines and designated key data fields
  • Compliance Review Model: Excel spreadsheet designed to facilitate a review of your compliance with the new HMDA requirements
  • Sample HMDA Review Report Template: Document your compliance review with this report template – edit to include the review scope, relevant findings, and recommendations regarding data integrity, as well as disclosure and notice requirements
  • Reference Guide: Provides links to CFPB’s resources for HMDA filers and other agency information

$595 HMDA Survival Toolkit


Off-Site HMDA Review
The collection and validation of a significant amount of additional data fields will make the HMDA process more time consuming and complex. Discovering errors and issues early in 2018 is preferable to trying to make repairs in early 2019. Let Young & Associates, Inc. assist you with this process. With our Off-Site HMDA Review, we will validate your HMDA LAR on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Secure, Simple, and Cost-Effective – We offer a secure file transfer system to send your files electronically. Your bank will pay NO travel costs with our Off-Site HMDA Review! The professional fee for this service is based on the number of files reviewed, so the bank can control the overall cost based on the number of files sent for review. And, if you sign an engagement letter now, you can lock in pricing for the next two years.

If you prefer, we also offer on-site HMDA LAR reviews.

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