New Bank Charters

If you are considering a new charter, you need consultants that have done this before. Young & Associates will assist through every step. One of the keys to a successful new charter is the development of a strong business plan in which the growth characteristics of the market, the capital plans for the new institution, and the management and facilities plans are in harmony for the ultimate benefit of the shareholder. From the beginning, management and the board of directors should focus on shareholder value.

When chartering a new financial institution, Young & Associates will help the organizing group:

  • Understand and address the many strategic and regulatory issues involved in chartering a new institution.
  • Develop a clear and consistent business plan for presentation to the regulatory agencies.
  • Coordinate, prepare, and revise the various charter applications.
  • Develop operating policies and procedures.
  • Address the strategic and operational questions that often arise during the organization and application process.