Third-party loan reviews

For most financial institutions, loans represent the greatest share of your assets, and therefore, the largest risk on your balance sheet. We can help you identify and manage your risk exposure with an independent loan review that is consistent with safe and sound lending practices.

Our loan reviews are designed to determine your credit and underwriting quality, identify undesirable trends or credit deterioration, determine your compliance with policies and regulations, validate the accuracy of your risk ratings and recommend any process improvements.

We perform multiple types of loan reviews that can be tailored to your needs and desired scope including:

  • Sampling of new originations by loan type and/or loan officer
  • Review of your organization’s top borrowing relationships
  • Specific portfolio or concentration review
  • Watch list review and validation
  • Review of insider loans

Our loan reviews can be performed on-site or as a virtual review using imaged files. We also offer a hybrid approach for added flexibility and cost savings.

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