Virtual Compliance Consultant (VCC)

The Virtual Compliance Consultant Program is an annual membership to all the invaluable compliance tools and services that Young & Associates, Inc. has to offer. It is as if you will have one of our compliance consultants right there at your financial institution to walk you through all the important changes and developments!

An annual membership to the VCC includes the following:

Compliance Coaching: Young & Associates, Inc. has been offering regulatory compliance education and consulting services to community financial institutions for over 25 years. Our team of highly-skilled, knowledgeable compliance consultants will monitor and keep track of regulatory compliance changes and deadlines and notify you when changes to your policies, procedures, and systems need to be made.

Compliance Policies/Products: With your VCC membership, you will have access to all of Young & Associates, Inc.’s compliance policies, models, workbooks, and resources. Updates to these products will automatically be sent to you as they become available or as changes are made.

Automatic Updates to Bank Policies: As regulatory compliance changes are made, if your institution uses a Young & Associates, Inc. compliance policy, we will automatically update that policy for you and send it to you. If you are using another policy, we will let you know what changes need to be made to maintain compliance.

Weekly Compliance Blog: Gain access to important and timely information and tools with our weekly compliance blog that is available to VCC members.

Online Compliance Forum: Here’s where you’ll get the answers to your compliance questions and the questions of other members, as well as a valuable exchange of information and ideas between program members.

Monthly Phone Conference: Each month, your Virtual Compliance Consultant will call you to personally discuss any compliance-related issues that you may have (1 hour maximum).

Compliance Review/Audit Fee Discount: Take advantage of pricing discounts on our Compliance Reviews and Compliance Audits.


Pricing for an annual membership to the Virtual Compliance Consultant Program is based on the size of the bank and is provided below. A 3-year commitment is highly encouraged as it provides a cost-savings.

Bank Size (millions) Year 1 Year 2 Multi-Year Discount Year 3 Multi-Year Discount Subsequent Years
Up to $150MM $3,999 $3,399 $3,399 3% Increase each year
$150 – $300MM $4,999 $4,399 $4,399 3% Increase each year
$300 – $500MM $5,999 $5,399 $5,399 3% Increase each year
$500MM+ $6,999 $6,399 $6,399 3% Increase each year

If a bank would like to engage us one year at a time, the bank will pay the current year Year 1 price (subject to change) each year.  The only way to receive the lower rates is to commit to multiple years.

Contact us today to find out more on how the Virtual Compliance Consultant Program will benefit your bank!