Strategic Planning

Young & Associates, Inc. is a leader in assisting financial institutions to move successfully through the strategic planning process. We focus on proven methodologies for enhancing long-term profitability, effective capital utilization, and most importantly, increasing shareholder value. Our goal is to build the planning process that best meets the needs of your institution. Therefore, we remain flexible to your specific needs, and help you create a vision with a focus on both your short- and long-term future.

The typical format of our strategic planning process is a 1-day strategic planning retreat, held off-site at a location chosen by the institution. Our goal is to build the planning process around your needs, so many other options are available. The following are examples of the issue/subjects that might be discussed at a strategic planning retreat. (The specific agenda for the retreat will be developed with the input of the client prior to the retreat.)

  • Comparison to peer
  • 5-Year Analysis based on the institution’s current position – completed prior to retreat
  • Strengths/Weaknesses – Opportunities/Threats
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Short-term and long-term objectives
  • What must be accomplished in the next 12 to 18 months, e.g.:
    • Future focus
    • Geographic expansion – new branches, purchases, LPOs
    • Product expansion – new or changes to existing products
    • Capital utilization
    • Loan growth
    • Funding (deposits, FHLB borrowing, bulletin board CDs)
    • Liquidity
    • Overhead and overhead efficiency
    • Fee income
    • Alternative products
    • Technology
    • Incentive compensation
    • Infrastructure
    • Management succession

Based on the information gathered prior to and at the retreat, Young & Associates, Inc. will prepare a written plan for the planning committee, based on what the planning committee wants to accomplish.

Strategic Planning for Institutions Under $100 Million
Every institution could improve performance with an effective strategic plan. But, the cost to smaller institutions makes it very difficult to engage a professional facilitator. Young & Associates, Inc. has developed a strategic planning process for under $100 million institutions that significantly reduces our cost, which we can then pass on to the client. This reduces the professional fee significantly and also significantly reduces or nearly eliminates out-of-pocket expenses. With this approach, the smallest institution can afford to have the leaders in strategic planning assistance, Young & Associates, Inc., assist in developing an effective strategic plan that will meet your needs and satisfy the regulators.