Fair Lending Management System Toolkit with Customizable Fair Lending Policy

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Packed full of practical and easy-to-use tools, the Fair Lending Management System Toolkit provides everything you need to ensure your bank understands and complies with the Fair Lending laws and regulations.

  • Management System Guide and Appendix: Covers types of lending discrimination, review scope guidelines, compliance management review, fair lending sample size tables, and more. Includes a complete Appendix for implementation of your Fair Lending Management System.
  • Three (3) Management Review Models: Excellent tools to ensure your bank’s compliance with the Fair Lending regulations.
    • 1. Compliance Management Analysis Model
    • 2. Audit Function and Self-Test/Self-Evaluation
    • 3. Streamlined Fair Lending Review Model. Automatically generates your Compliance Review Report.
  • Matched Pair Review Model: Perform comparative file analysis to determine discriminatory patterns.
  • Three (3) Potential Disparate Treatment Models: Indicate potential disparate treatment in your bank’s policy exceptions, pricing, and denials.
    • 1. Pricing Exceptions Model
    • 2. Pricing Review Model
    • 3. Denial Review Model
  • Pricing and Matched Pair/Denial Review Report Templates: Excellent tool for your bank’s fair lending reporting.
  • Power Point Training: Ensure the necessary Fair Lending training for your staff. Can be customized for your bank.

Customizable Fair Lending Policy: Establishes fair lending activities, including taking loan applications, telephone inquiries, advertising, and credit evaluation standards. Also covers loan decisions, notifications, and adverse action. Includes discussion on prohibited actions, disparate treatment, and disparate impact.

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