FDIC Signage & Advertisement Requirements Policy

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The FDIC has recently updated the requirements regarding FDIC insurance. As part of that update, all FDIC-insured institutions must have a policy regarding these FDIC requirements. 

Streamline compliance with FDIC signage and advertisement requirements using our FDIC Signage & Advertisement Requirements Policy. Tailored specifically for community banks, this customizable policy solution assists your institution in adhering to the latest FDIC regulations, including display guidelines for official signs and advertisement statements. Stay ahead of compliance challenges and protect your institution’s integrity.





Ensure Compliance with FDIC Signage and Advertisement Requirements

Are you prepared to comply with the updated FDIC regulations on signage and advertising? Insured depository institutions (IDIs) must comply with the new requirements by January 1, 2025. Young & Associates understands the challenges community banks face in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. Designed with FDIC-insured institutions in mind, our customizable policy solution aims to make adherence to the modernized Official Signs and Advertising Statement requirements easy.

Meet FDIC Signage Requirements

As regulatory requirements evolve, it’s crucial for community banks to stay ahead to avoid legal and financial pitfalls. The recent update from the FDIC mandates that all IDIs establish and maintain written policies and procedures addressing compliance with part 328. Failure to comply can lead to severe consequences, including reputational damage and financial penalties.

Our Compliance Solution: FDIC Signage & Advertising Policy

Our FDIC Signage and Advertisement Requirements policy is crafted to address the latest updates from the FDIC. Developed by our team of compliance experts, this policy will assist your institution in meeting the stringent requirements outlined in part 328 while providing flexibility to adapt to future changes.

Key Features & Benefits

Within this policy, which is designed to meet FDIC official signs and advertising rules, you’ll find the following benefits:

  • Tailored to Your Institution: Our customizable policy is designed to fit the unique needs and specifications of your community bank.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From signage display in branches to digital channels, our policy covers all aspects of FDIC requirements.
  • Ease of Implementation: With clear guidelines and straightforward instructions, implementing our policy is seamless and hassle-free.
  • Mitigate Risks: By proactively addressing compliance requirements, you mitigate the risk of non-compliance and safeguard your institution’s reputation.

Young & Associates: Your Compliance Partner

With decades of experience in regulatory compliance consulting, Young & Associates is your trusted partner in navigating the intricate regulatory landscape. Our team of seasoned compliance experts understands the challenges facing community banks and is dedicated to providing practical, effective solutions tailored to your institution’s needs.

Don’t leave compliance to chance. Take a proactive approach to ensure your institution adheres to FDIC signage and advertisement requirements with our customizable policy solution. Uncertain where to begin? Young & Associates is your full-service consultancy for community banks. Explore our comprehensive suite of regulatory compliance services, ranging from compliance outsourcing to advertising review. Take the first step towards compliance excellence by contacting us today.


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