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PFS Calculator (Automated and Self Calculating Personal Financial Statement)

Provides banks with an easy-to-use, automated method of collecting personal financial information from borrowers.

  • Saves time and effort. File can be emailed to borrowers to complete, eliminating the tedious administrative task of mailing each year.
  • Assists in standardizing submission of personal financial information from borrowers.
  • Can be customized to show bank name, address (for multiple branch locations), phone, fax, etc.
  • Unlimited use. File can be used and distributed to borrowers again and again.
  • Ensures accuracy of calculations. Once entered by the borrower, entries are automatically calculated, eliminating the need to double check numbers.
  • Easy to read. No need to worry about illegible digits or handwriting.
  • Easy for borrower to understand and complete.
  • Easy to update. Once completed, borrower just needs to save the file and update applicable information the following year.


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