Branch Staffing Analysis

As more customers shift their transactional activity online, branches are seeing fewer and fewer in-person visits.  This challenges staffing models as well as traditional views of financial sales and service.

Your bank or credit union may need fewer transactional employees and more sales- and service-oriented ones to cope with this change. Even if it’s more of the latter, they will need different skills related to a digital marketplace.  The way you manage this transition is critical. Too many cuts mean lower sales; too few means lower profits. Insufficient skills means both.

Young & Associates can help your financial institution strike the right balance.

Branch staffing audits

Young & Associates provides branch staffing studies to help you pinpoint and review employee activity, so you can staff your facility appropriately. To do this, we use a unique audit method that quantifies your employees’ time to perform various sales, service, and transactional activities. Better yet, this method does not require hovering over your staff, timing their work.

A Young & Associate staffing audit includes:

Branch staffing models

Our branch staffing models are based on transactions and sales and referral activity.

Data collection

We gather data from third-party research, Young & Associates research, client transaction activity, client sales activity, and on-site observations.


We use our collected data and staffing models to provide your financial institution with recommendations for the following staffing areas:

  • Tellers and Head Tellers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Branch operations
  • Sales personnel
  • Assistant Branch Managers
  • Branch Managers
  • Sales Management
  • Sales incentives
  • Trainers

Your staffing solution partner

Contact Young & Associates to see how we can help your financial institution transition to new staffing alignments using a branch staffing audit.