Integrated Disclosure Review

Mandatory Compliance Date — August 1, 2015

To ensure that you are ready to meet the new Integrated Disclosure requirements by the October 3 deadline, your bank will need to test your new software. These new forms are complex to complete and non-compliance could be costly to your bank.

Young & Associates, Inc. is ready to help you prepare for this big change with an Integrated Disclosures Review Service that will help you prepare for the mandatory August 1st deadline. As you create “example” loans, we will review them and provide feedback to ensure compliance.

Program Details/Requirements

  1. The bank will need to fill out an Integrated Disclosure Questionnaire for each example submitted, so we understand what the loan represents (e.g., fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, re-finance, construction, etc.)
  2. Submit the questionnaire, Loan Estimate, and Closing Disclosure for review for each example.
  3. Provide the documents to us in a .pdf or paper format.
  4. A written report is not included as part of the review. Our responses will be summarized on the .pdf document. If submitted to us in paper format, we will convert to .pdf format.
  5. Includes option to receive discount pricing for the updated Regulation Z Policy

Program Cost

The cost for the Integrated Disclosures Review and our response to discuss any issues noted is $195 per example.

You control the cost based on the number of examples that you submit. The review will cover the compliance requirements of the regulation. We will not verify APRs, payment amounts, and similar items.

Let’s Get Started!

Click on the following link to download the Integrated Disclosure Questionnaire and begin the review process. You will need to complete an online questionnaire specific to the example the bank would like reviewed. Next, email the required documents for review. (Submission email address included on questionnaire.)


To begin, right click and save the following target/link:
Integrated Disclosure Questionnaire



For More Information
Contact Jeanine Schmitt, Consultant, or Karen Clower, Consultant