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Karen Hevesi

Education & Products Manager

Karen Hevesi brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role as Education & Products Manager at Y&A. Since joining the company in June 2020 as the Quality Control Coordinator, Karen has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence, leveraging her strong organizational skills to drive success within the QC team.  

In early 2021, Karen’s outstanding performance led to her promotion to Education & Products Coordinator, where she played a pivotal role in enhancing the educational services and product offerings provided by the company. In this capacity, she took on a broader scope of responsibilities, overseeing the planning of online education events, managing educational materials, and facilitating timely distribution to clients. 

Throughout her tenure, Karen has been instrumental in building strong cooperative relationships with internal and external stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation in education and product development initiatives. She has also been actively involved in handling inquiries for training support, working closely with key educators to address training requests and resolve any issues effectively, further underscoring her commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence. In her previous role as Education & Products Coordinator, Karen excelled in policy projects and demonstrated her ability to cultivate and nurture strong business partnerships, particularly within the compliance sector. 

With her proven track record of success and unwavering commitment to excellence, Karen Hevesi continues to play a vital role in advancing the company’s mission of providing top-tier education and products to clients in the compliance industry. As Education & Products Manager, Karen will build on her experiences as Quality Control Coordinator and Education & Products Coordinator to lead a dedicated support team and spearhead strategic initiatives to improve and expand Y&A’s education and product offerings. 

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