CRE Portfolio Stress Testing

CRE Stress Testing is widely viewed by bankers and bank regulators as a valuable risk management tool, that will assist management and the board of directors with its efforts to effectively identify, measure, monitor, and control risk. The information provided by this exercise should be considered in the Bank’s strategic and capital planning efforts, concentration risk monitoring and limit setting, and in decisions about the Bank’s loan product design and underwriting standards.

Young & Associates, Inc. offers CRE Portfolio Stress Testing that provides an insightful and efficient stress testing solution that doesn’t just simply arrive at an estimate of potential credit losses under stressed scenarios, but provides a multiple page report with a discussion and summary of the Bank’s level and direction of credit risk, to be used for strategic and capital planning exercises and credit risk management activities.

Our CRE Stress Testing service is performed remotely with your data, allowing for management to remain free to work on the many other initiatives that require attention, while we make use of our existing systems and expertise.