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June 22, 2015

By: Sharon Jeffries, Human Resources Manager

All banks face changes in management and other key positions from time to time. These changes can be due to retirements, relocations, unsatisfactory work performance, as well as other factors. All of these situations can put your bank in difficult and unique situations that generally cannot be quickly resolved.

Don’t rush to fill the vacancy by placing a candidate/current employee in a position that may provide temporary support, but results in a poor fit for the long-term, lacking the skills and experience needed to meet the ever changing regulatory banking climate.

What should you do?
If you find yourself in this situation, Young & Associates, Inc. can help by becoming an extension of your Human Resources Department. We will work with management and discuss options for your bank to meet both its short-term and long-term staffing needs.

If we find that the skill set/experience level desired is such that it will take additional time to source the “right” candidate for the position, we will present “interim” solutions, while beginning to search for a candidate that will be a more long-term solution for your organization.

One “interim” solution may be contracting with Young & Associates to put one of our accomplished consultants on-site at your bank to assist in covering those critical areas while continuing the search for a more permanent option. Another option would be for Young & Associates to provide you with a seasoned individual who may be looking for project and/or short-term work. Through years of experience in the financial services industry, we have developed an extensive network of contacts and resumes of individuals with a broad knowledge base in critical areas that are needed in banking today.

We can customize the services we offer to meet the ever-changing workforce needs of your bank. Although some of what we offer is similar to traditional search firms, several differences set us apart from other firms. Our knowledge of the skills necessary to be successful in banking today, along with the ability to utilize our in-house experts throughout the process, are key differences. Also, our professional fee structure is generally lower than traditional placement firms. However, most importantly, our reputation is proven effective. Young & Associates is reliable with more than 35 years successfully serving banking clients.

To learn more about these unique staffing services, contact Sharon Jeffries, Young & Associates, Inc.’s Manager of Human Resources. Sharon has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources Management and can be contacted at 800.525.9775 or you can click here to send her an email.

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