Regulation E: International Fund Transfer Compliance Toolkit

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For banks that provide more than 100 international remittance transfers (ACH transfers, wire transfers, online bill payments) in one year, the proposed new Section 919 of Regulation E: Electronic Fund Transfer Act — International Remittance Transfer will require significant changes in way you do business, including:

  • New Terms
  • New Disclosures
  • New Challenges


  • Regulation E: International Remittance Transfer Policy: Ensure your bank’s policy is in compliance with the rule. Can be easily customized for the unique needs of your bank.
  • International Fund Transfer / IFT Compliance Guide: An easy-to-use summary of the remittance transfer rule.
  • Model Forms: Appendix A
  • IFT Compliance Guide PowerPoint Training Tool: Ensure necessary training for your tellers, agents and customer representatives; as well as back office staff that approve, process and monitor transactions.
  • Regulation E: IFT Compliance Review Model: Microsoft® Excel-based format provides an excellent tool to ensure complete compliance with the rule requirements.
  • Regulation E: IFT Error Resolution Worksheet: Ensure compliance with the rule’s Error Resolution Requirements.
  • Regulation E: IFT Error Resolution Log: Track and ensure compliance with the rule’s Error Resolution Requirements.
  • Regulation E: IFT Report Template: Covers Transaction Testing Scope, IFT Findings Grid, Assigned Priority Classifications for any and all possible IFT Findings / Violations, Disclosure Obligations, Cancellation — Refund and Error Resolution Rights, Training Requirements.

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