Young & Associates Celebrates 45th Anniversary Milestone

November 11, 2023

Celebrating 45 Years of Dedication: Young & Associates’ Journey

In a world where companies come and go, few can boast of standing the test of time and evolving with the changing landscape. Young & Associates, Inc. is proud to mark its 45th anniversary on November 13th, a significant milestone in its journey of serving financial institutions with expertise and dedication since 1978. This achievement allows us to take a pragmatic look at our growth, transformation, and unwavering commitment to our clients and partners over the years.

Young & Associates’ Humble Beginnings

Young & Associates, Inc. began its journey under the name “Young Marketing Services.” We didn’t just focus on marketing, advertising, branch feasibilities, and product development; we thrived on them. But as time passed, the financial industry evolved, and it became evident that the needs of financial institutions were changing, demanding a more comprehensive suite of services. In response to this, Y&A expanded its offerings to encompass management and lending services, regulatory compliance, and more, effectively transforming into a one-stop consultancy for community financial institutions across the United States.

A Change in Leadership

In 2018, Jerry Sutherin, a seasoned financial expert and long-time consultant with the company, assumed ownership of Young & Associates. Under Sutherin’s leadership, the company has continued to flourish, positioning itself for further growth and success.

As President and CEO, Sutherin remarked, “Our 45th anniversary is a testament to our commitment to helping community financial institutions thrive. We are grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that enhance their success.”

Young & Associates' Leadership Team
Young & Associates’ Leadership Team (Pictured: Michael Gerbick, COO; Joanne Sutherin, Co-Owner; Ollie Sutherin, Principal of Y&A Credit Services; Jerry Sutherin, Co-Owner and President & CEO)

Diverse Expertise, Nationwide Reach

Today, Young & Associates boasts a dedicated team of nearly 50 highly skilled consultants. These experts offer a wide range of services, including regulatory compliance, risk management, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, branching and expansion, lending, loan review, information technology, quality control, appraisal reviews, human resources, and internal audit. With consultants located across the nation, Young & Associates is renowned for delivering top-notch services.

A People-Centric Approach

Despite its impressive growth, Young & Associates maintains its commitment to its clients, partners, and associates. The company still holds consulting relationships with some of its original clients from 1978, embodying a people-centric approach and a familial culture. The dedication to its staff, many of whom have over 30 years of service, remains a cornerstone of its success.

Sutherin explains, “A major factor in the decision to purchase Young & Associates was the depth of knowledge and experience of its employee base within each functional discipline. This has enabled us not only to maintain long-standing relationships with legacy clients but also to forge new client relationships throughout the United States.”

With Sincere Gratitude

Young & Associates extends heartfelt gratitude to its valued customers, clients, and friends for their unwavering support over the past 45 years. The company eagerly anticipates the future, continuing to build upon its legacy of excellence by empowering community financial institutions to make informed decisions that enhance their success.

Young & Associates has come a long way since our inception in 1978. With a rich history of serving community financial institutions, we remain dedicated to simplifying the management of banks and credit unions, reducing regulatory burdens, improving financial performance, and increasing shareholder value. As we celebrate our 45th anniversary, we look forward to the journey ahead, knowing that our commitment to our clients will continue to drive us towards greater success. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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