Contract Services

Sometimes a financial institution’s HR department requires temporary, part-time assistance to initiate and complete projects. That assistance can be advisory or labor-based. Young & Associates, Inc. can provide that assistance.

This assistance includes:

  • Writing:
    • Policies
    • Procedures
    • Manuals
    • Employee Handbooks
    • Job Descriptions
    • Board Resolutions
  • Performing third-party audits to assess how well managers comply with employment practices such as:
    • Promoting equal opportunity, affirmative action, and minority and diversity policies
    • Conducting performance reviews
    • Reporting harassment and threats
    • Conducting investigations and searches
    • Complying with FMLA identification, assessment, and tracking procedures
    • Assisting the institution’s effort to seek out qualified protected veterans and individuals with disabilities
    • Contracting qualified vendors who meet minority and diversity policies
  • Supplying labor, communications, and advice on important human resources initiatives such as:
    • Reorganizations and restructures
    • Mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations
    • Implementing new Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
    • Training involving employment, management, and leadership