Young & Associates Announces Strategic Internal Promotions

February 1, 2024

Young & Associates, a leading consultancy firm specializing in banks and credit unions, proudly announces the promotions of two key team members, Michael Gerbick and Ollie Sutherin, marking a significant milestone in the company’s leadership evolution.

Michael Gerbick Promoted to President of Young & Associates, Inc.

Michael Gerbick, a pivotal member of Young & Associates for five years, has been promoted from Chief Operating Officer to President of the organization. Gerbick’s tenure has been marked by significant contributions in accounting functions, internal process enhancements, and the implementation of productivity-driven systems, reflecting his commitment to the company’s success.

Ollie Sutherin Promoted to CFO of Young & Associates, Inc.

Ollie Sutherin, formerly Principal of Y&A Credit Services, assumes the role of Chief Financial Officer. Sutherin’s journey with Young & Associates began with a focus on the company’s loan review process, subsequently expanding his expertise in lending, credit, and systems implementations. His progressive roles, from credit analyst to Principal of Y&A Credit Services, have led to pivotal changes resulting in notable revenue growth and heightened productivity.

Jerry Sutherin Continues Leadership as CEO

Jerry Sutherin, formerly President and CEO of Young & Associates, will maintain the role of CEO, affirming his enduring commitment to the company’s growth and strategic direction. He remains actively involved in the company’s leadership and operations, leveraging his banking expertise and industry relationships to guide its trajectory.

As stated by Jerry Sutherin, “We are excited to announce the well-deserved promotions of Michael and Ollie. Their dedication, expertise, and innovative leadership have been instrumental in the growth and success of Young & Associates. We remain well positioned to continue our strategic growth initiatives and look forward to their continued contributions to these goals.”

A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

These promotions underscore Young & Associates’ dedication to recognizing and fostering exceptional talent within the organization. Elevating Michael Gerbick to President and Ollie Sutherin to CFO signifies their invaluable contributions and leadership, reinforcing the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the financial institution industry.

Young & Associates is confident that these strategic internal promotions will contribute to the ongoing success of the organization and its commitment to providing top-tier consultancy services to banks and credit unions. The company looks forward to the continued growth and achievements under the leadership of its dynamic team.

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