Young & Associates Introduces Y&A Credit Services, LLC

June 1, 2022

We are proud to introduce a new line of business through an affiliated organization of Young & Associates, Inc.: Y&A Credit Services, LLC.

Y&A Credit Services is a full-service provider of outsourced underwriting and credit services and offers various commercial underwriting and credit services such as:

  • Commercial Credit Underwriting and Credit Approval Presentations
  • Annual Underwriting Reviews
  • Financial Statement Spreading and Analysis
  • Approval and Underwriting package reviews

“Y&A Credit Services understands the challenges that financial institutions nationwide face with locating and retaining skilled credit department staff who can efficiently produce trustworthy credit risk management results while supporting an increasing volume of workflow,” said Jerry Sutherin, President & CEO of Young & Associates. “We offer an effective solution to this dilemma by employing our experienced staff, technology, and proven processes to enhance your credit administration process, mitigate credit risk, and ensure continued profitable loan portfolio growth and performance.”

Completely independent from Young & Associates, Inc. and with a name you trust, Y&A Credit Services can help large and small financial institutions increase the quality, accuracy and speed of their lending while mitigating risks in a highly regulated industry. “We are an independent entity, but we offer the same exceptional service, expertise, and integrity you’ve learn to expect from Young & Associates,” says Ollie Sutherin, Principal of Y&A Credit Services.

Visit to learn more about the new company and explore the website. And if our services sound like a viable solution to your current challenges, contact Ollie Sutherin by email at [email protected] or phone at (330) 422-3453. We would be happy to discuss how we can help your credit department and institution achieve its objectives.

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