Off-Site Reviews, Virtual/Teleconference Training, and Management Consulting Support

October 5, 2020

Young & Associates, Inc. remains committed to keeping our employees, clients, and partners safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this difficult and unprecedented time, we have continued to successfully leverage technology to fulfill our commitments to our clients and partners through secure remote access for reviews, virtual/teleconference training, and other management consulting support.

Young &Associates’ commitment to virtual/teleconference training and remote access reviews date back well over five years. We see this ability as a win-win for everyone – the review and training get completed in a timely manner and the bank avoids paying any travel expenses. Concerned about security, please be assured that we use the latest secure technology.

We remain committed to helping our clients with all areas of their operations through off-site reviews and providing the most current regulatory updates through our virtual/teleconferencing training.

Contact one of our consultants today for more information about our off-site reviews or virtual/teleconferencing training:

Bill Elliott, Director of Compliance Education:
[email protected] or 330.422.3450

Karen Clower, Director of Compliance:
[email protected] or 330.422.3444

Martina Dowidchuk, Director of Management Services:
[email protected] or 330.422.3449

Bob Viering, Director of Lending:
[email protected] or 330.422.3476

Kyle Curtis, Director of Lending Services:
[email protected] or 330.422.3445

Aaron Lewis, Director of Lending Education:
[email protected] or 330.422.3466

Dave Reno, Director – Lending and Business Development:
[email protected] or 330.422.3455

Ollie Sutherin, Manager of Secondary Market QC Services:
[email protected] or 330.422.3453

Jeanette McKeever, Director of Internal Audit:
[email protected] or 330.422.3468

Mike Detrow: Director of Information Technology Audit/Information Technology:
[email protected] or 330.422.3447

Young & Associates, Inc.’s consultants provide a level of expertise gathered over 42 years. In our consulting engagements, we closely monitor the regulatory environment and best practices in the industry, develop customized solutions for our clients’ needs, and prepare detailed and timely audit reports to ease implementation moving forward. With backgrounds and experience in virtually all areas of the financial services industry, our consultants bring a broad knowledge base to each client relationship. Many of our consultants and trainers have come to the company directly from positions in financial institutions or regulatory agencies where they worked to resolve many of the issues that our clients face daily.

We look forward to working with you as you work to obtain your goals in 2021 and beyond.

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